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Support A.L.F Animal Liberation Front -Design- by CrashyBandicoot Support A.L.F Animal Liberation Front -Design- by CrashyBandicoot
I made this design to show I support A.L.F
heavily influenced in Anarcho & Crust punk.
Note: He's holding a fox.
Below is text of lyrics to the song: A Life's a Life by: Disrupt.
Link below:

Countless creatures kept to die,bash their brains to find out why,electric shock includes stress void of results are these tests.IT hasnt helped us in the past,so why do you make their suffering last,of course its cas you're getting-rich you dont care for life one bit,we've beat disease by changing ourselves,so take these cages off the shelves,we only want them to be free,a lifes a life cant you see?.Test the limits of thier mind,it sheds no light on humankind,the medical industry is a farce,Here's where liberation starts.Placebos to keep you content,you know not where money's spent,you find the labs which kill to cure but are they sure?.You cant be sure you didnt see what happens past those walls,if you did,youd be appaled,our bodies are not structured the same,liberation our final aim...uvisection is scientific fraud!

Link: [link]
Copyright: ALF logos / Disrupt / Myself for artwork.
JERUKA9 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
people need truth not brainwash by church and goverment you cant alone change world only when people connected in important "things" something change
whatever you do or doing nothing you have power for fix everything otherwise nothing will be changed and people will still listen "human wo have power" im dont accept that way for changeing for me noone is authority because we all equal and your money or power make you agressive and stupid mean:richer and more powerfull dont care about weak and poor im dont want this s*it  kill them all because human without conscience and mercy and dont have respect for other living creatures and human's is nothing less important than sand
im want help you and other people but im noone and alone just as you (in ocean of humanity hate and sickness) i cant change anything thats i want say im not prophet but still think where we go and where is frontier for be human or thing worst than animals
isolation is everywhere and im still feel im dont perfect and cant throw away my evil side try for all of your strength and make it world should be better place:( (Sad)

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November 21, 2012
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